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DaisyFresh offers 'green' alternative to disposable diapers
Posted By Northumberland Today

Start your baby out on the right "Green" path by using cloth diapers. Now using cloth diapers is as easy and as convenient as using disposables, with the added bonus of being cheaper over the length of time your child is in diapers.
With the opening of the DaisyFresh Diaper Service, new moms can enjoy the benefits of cloth diapers with none of the distasteful duties of cleaning them.
Edith Lean is the owner/operator of the DaisyFresh Diaper Service which opened for business on June 29. This service will provide organic cotton pre-fold diapers, picking up soiled ones on designated days and replacing them with clean ones. Detergents used will be low-phosphate, free-rinsing and 100% biodegradable. DaisyFresh will also offer a full product line of primarily Canadian-made products for baby as well as nursing moms, along with a range of adult-care products.
Today's parents are becoming environmentally aware of the negative impact on our landfills by the use of disposable diapers. To now, cloth diapers have only been used by moms who have the time to do the cleaning themselves. What of the moms who already have one or two children demanding their share of mom's attention or those enterprising moms who work from home? The DaisyFresh Diaper Service will take care of that chore doing what is best for her baby, for the environment and for herself.
For more information, call 905-372-1904, e-mail or visit the website