About Us

Edith Lean is owner/operator of the "DaisyFresh Diaper Service" which opened for business on June 29th 2009. Edith lives in Cobourg with her husband Rick. They are long time members of the community, Rick having lived here all his life and Edith coming to Cobourg in 1964 with her parents. Edith and Rick have 3 children, Rick Jr., Scott and Therese and one gorgeous little granddaughter Ava, with another grandchild coming in mid August. Edith has been a familiar face in Cobourg having run the Zellers Family Restaurant for the past 20 years, before that the lunch counter at Woolworths and several other restaurants as a teenager. Since retiring from Zellers Edith has been searching for something where she could channel her energies and skills. After researching a number of ideas and discarding them, Edith noticed a distinct lack of support for new Moms wishing to be environmentally responsible by using cloth diapers. They weren't easy to be found for purchase, nor were they very affordable.
So after a great deal of thought and planning the "DaisyFresh Diaper Service" was born.